J96 / Meet a Stranger : Ina

J96 / Meet a Stranger : Ina

Ina is a friend of my mum she hasn’t seen for something like 31 years. She’s funny, spontaneous, talkative and charismatic. She’s a very enjoyable person, as she said : « Don’t get old, it’s boring ».

J90 / Meet a Stranger : Togio

J90 / Meet a Stranger : Togio

Today I met Togio in a rice field in Salatiga, which is roughly in the middle of the island of Java. His job is tough and it was the end of the day but when he saw me in the distance, he showed me where to cross in the rice field to keep me feet dry and then he welcomed me with this large smile.

J83 / Meet a Stranger : Zaeno

J83 / Meet a Stranger : Zaeno Zaeno was our guide for the tea factory in Sari Wangu, near Bandung in Indonesia. He had a funny look and his explanation wasn’t always really clear but it was good fun anyway. Below some more pictures of the trip in the tea field and the tea factory :

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J75 / Meet a Stranger : Ferry

J75 / Meet a Stranger : Perry

Just arrived, Ferry already brought me in his badminton club. Ferry his the husband of Melina, my host in Bali but also a badminton coach. Yesterday, I was beaten by a 5yo kid. Well, we didn’t play a match, hopefully, but he was far out much technical than me. They train them very hard here, and it doesn’t surprise me anymore than Indonesia is the world elite. Today, all my muscles hurt.

J70 / Meet a Stranger : Taka

J70 / Meet a Stranger : Taka

Taka is a Japanese street performer. No matter who you are, you will be interesting or even intriguing for him, even though he is the artist, juggling with one hand and playing flute in the meantime.

J62 / Meet a Stranger : an Aborigines and his « Emu » didgeridoo

J62 / Meet a Stranger : an Aborigines and his "Emu" didgeridoo

I met this guy and his fellows in the street in Fremantle (see yesterday). He keeps a very fancy but nevertheless precious 50yo didgeridoo. Can you see the emu head ? An emu is a bird like an ostrich and is a very symbolic animal for some aborigines tribes.
He played the instrument and he shouted my name trough the didg’ in the same time, which was very impressive !

(sorry if this picture is not in a portrait format like my others portraits)

J54 / Meet a Stranger : Rochelle

J54 / Meet a Stranger : Rochelle

Rochelle is a Sales Assistant into a jewellery/gallery in Geraldton. She was really enthusiastic showing me the stunning black pearls of the Abrolhos Islands and the pink diamonds which are worth a fortune. She explained me how they collect the pearls : each shell can produce up to 3 pearls in her lifetime : the older, the bigger (and the more value) is the pearl.